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Barium Paramolybdate, 3BaO.7MoO3.xH2O

Barium Paramolybdate, 3BaO.7MoO3.xH2O or 5BaO.12MoO3.yH2O, is obtained by drying in air the flocculent precipitate resulting on addition of aqueous barium chloride to a solution of an alkali paramolybdate. If the precipitation takes place at ordinary atmospheric temperature, the composition of the product is represented by 5BaO.12MoO3.20H2O or 3BaO.7MoO3.12H2O; precipitation at boiling temperature yields 5BaO.12MoO3.10H2O. By allowing a solution containing barium chloride (1 molecule) and ammonium paramolybdate (10 molecules) to crystallise, the double salt 3(NH4)2O.3BaO.14MoO3.12H2O has been obtained.
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