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Cadmium Molybdates

The normal salt CdMoO4 is obtained as a heavy white precipitate when a soluble cadmium salt is added to a solution of an alkali molybdate or paramolybdate. The precipitate is readily soluble in mineral acids, ammonium hydroxide, or aqueous potassium cyanide. By fusing together sodium molybdate (2 parts), cadmium chloride (7 parts), and sodium chloride (6 parts), the salt may be obtained as lustrous yellow crystals.

Cadmium paramolybdate cannot be obtained by double decomposition. The salt 2(NH4)2O.3CdO.12MoO3.9H2O has been described, as also has the ammonio double salt [Cd(NH3)3](NH4)2(MoO4)2.
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