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Lithium Tetramolybdate, Li2O.4MoO3.7H2O

Lithium Tetramolybdate, Li2O.4MoO3.7H2O, is obtained, by boiling lithium carbonate with a large excess of molybdic acid, as a yellow amorphous mass which gradually becomes hard and brittle. Tetramolybdates, of composition Li2O.3H2O.16MoO3.6½H2O and Li2O.H2O.8MoO3.10H2O, have been obtained by the action of hydrochloric acid on the normal molybdate. The former yields triclinic crystals, and from its solution a trimolybdate containing 2 or 4H2O has been obtained.

A iodomolybdate of lithium, 2I2O5.4MoO3.2Li2O.5H2O, and periodo- molybdates, Li5IO6.6MoO3.15H2O and Li5IO6.6MoO3.9H2O, have been prepared, as well as phospho- and arsenio-molybdates.
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