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Molybdenum Tetrachloride, MoCl4

Molybdenum Tetrachloride, MoCl4, may be prepared by the action of chlorine at a high temperature upon molybdenum, or upon the oxide or sulphide mixed with carbon; by heating the trichloride to redness in a stream of dry carbon dioxide, both the tetrachloride and the dichloride of molybdenum are obtained, although the former does not distil without decomposition.

Molybdenum tetrachloride forms a semi-crystalline deliquescent powder, unstable in air, in which, if heated, it yields the oxychloride MoO2Cl2 and dichlormolybdic acid MoO3.2HCl; it is also stated to be converted spontaneously into the pentachloride and trichloride. If sufficiently heated - though below 1330° C. - it is reduced to the metal. In water, alcohol, ether, and in dilute sulphuric acid it gives unstable solutions.

The double salt 3MoCl4.2NH4Cl.6H2O has been described.
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