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Normal Silver Molybdate, Ag2MoO4

Normal Silver Molybdate, Ag2MoO4, is obtained as a yellowish-white flocculent precipitate by double decomposition of solutions of silver nitrate and normal potassium molybdate; it may be obtained in colourless crystals by slowly evaporating strongly ammoniacal solutions of silver nitrate and molybdic acid. It is readily fusible, is slightly soluble in water, and is soluble in nitric acid, potassium cyanide, and ammonia.

The acid molybdate 2Ag2O.5MoO3 is said to be obtained by a similar double decomposition.

The tetramolybdate Ag2O.4MoO3.6H2O is known.

An iodomolybdate of silver, 4Ag2O.3MoO3.4I2O5, has been described.
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