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Reddish-violet Salts, [Mo(OH)4(CN)4]K4

Reddish-violet Salts is the potassium salt, [Mo(OH)4(CN)4]K4.6H2O, described above as MoO2.4KCN.10H2O, yields reddish-violet monoclinic tables:

a:b:c = 0.7324:1:0.5723.

The difference in water content, shown in the latter formula, is due to insufficient drying; if dried over sulphuric acid the salt has the composition [MoO2(CN)4]K4.6H2O.

The sodium salt, [Mo(OH)4(CN)4].12H2O, is similar to the potassium salt, and yields [MoO2(CN)4]Na4.6H2O when dried over sulphuric acid.
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