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Rubidium Tetramolybdates

Including the octamolybdates, which are regarded as acid tetramolybdates, a number are known, corresponding to the formulae Rb2O.4MoO3, Rb2O.4MoO3.O.5H2O, Rb2O.4MoO3.4H2O, and Rb2O.H2O.8MoO3.3H2O; the salt Rb2O,MoO3.Rb2O.3MoO3.5H2O is regarded as a double salt.

Other rubidium molybdates are: 4Rb2O.5MoO3.12H2O; 5Rb2O.7MoO3.6.5H2O; 3Rb2O.8MoO3.6H2O; Rb2O.11MoO3.5.5H2O; Rb2O.13MoO3.4H2O; Rb2O.18MoO3.
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