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Sodium Tetramolybdate, Na2O.4MoO3

Sodium Tetramolybdate, Na2O.4MoO3, can be obtained from the mother-liquor from the crystallisation of the trimolybdate. Hydrates with 5.5 and 6H2O, as well as the anhydrous salt, have been described, but the constitution of the salt usually obtained has been stated to be Na6H4[H2(Mo2O7)6]21H2O. The salt yields yellow microscopic crystals. The acid salt NaHMo4O13.8H2O has been prepared by interaction of four molecular proportions of "normal" sodium molybdate with seven of hydrochloric acid. Two octamolybdates, Na2Mo8O25.4H2O, or Na2Mo8O25.17H2O, and NaHMo8O25.4H2O, which may also be considered as hydrogen tetramolybdates, have been prepared.

A pentamolybdate, NaHMo5O16.10H2O, and decamolybdates, of composition Na2MO10O31.12H2O, or possibly Na2MO10O31.6H2O, and Na2MO10O31.22H2O, have been described.

The double salt 2Na2MoO4.K2MoO4.14H2O is known, as also are the salts LiNa3(MoO4)2.6H2O and K2Na4(MoO4)3.14H2O.
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