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Strontium Molybdate, SrMoO4

Strontium Molybdate, SrMoO4, is prepared by fusing together sodium molybdate (1 part), strontium chloride (2 parts), and sodium chloride (2 parts). It crystallises in white quadratic pyramids, with axial ratio

a:c = 1:1.5738,

and of density 4.145 at 21° C. It is only slightly soluble in water, 1 part of the salt dissolving in 9600 parts of water.

Higher molybdates of strontium are not known with certainty. An octamolybdate, of composition SrMo8O25.7H2O, has, however, been described. It is obtained as needle-shaped crystals by treating a solution of ammonium tetramolybdate with strontium chloride and allowing the mixture to evaporate.
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